Air Force Millitary School Jos

Air Force Military School, Jos {AFMS} is a Military and Academic Institution located in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Established on 18 August 1980, the School has graduated over 4840 junior airmen as of July 2016.

The school is effectively a military institution (part of the Nigerian Air Force) that provides both normal secondary school education and military training to Nigerian boys aged around 11 to 17 years. Students on the one hand receive education in subjects like mathematics, physics, geography, and French, and on the other hand get trained in military weaponry and tactics. The military training seems geared to encourage a career in the Nigerian armed forces and many graduates have gone on to become commissioned officers in the army, air force, and navy.

Military Training Program Junior Airmen receive Field and Weapons Training, and are also schooled in Map Reading and Interpretation, Field Craft, Drill, Point to Point Compass March, Route March, Sports, Obstacle crossing, Abseiling, Assembling and Stripping of Rifles, Mock war, Shooting Range and Bush Camping amongst other Military and Academic Activities.

Despite their military training it appears the majority of graduates return to civilian life and pursue successful trades and careers in a variety of fields. Graduates and current students of this school are generally extremely disciplined, focused, and proud individuals and there is currently considerable Facebook activity generated by ex-students now living in different parts of the world. Records available to the school show that most of the EX-Junior Airmen are presently serving the nation, not only as military personnel but as productive workers in the various facets of the public and private sectors.

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